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Hirdaramani Group has officially commenced work at their newest facility in Puthukkudiyiruppu, Mullaitivu, with an opening ceremony to mark the occasion attended by the Senior Management of the Group.

Currently employing 150 Sewing Machine Operators (SMOs), the Group is projecting a capacity of over 500 machines, 600 SMOs and a total cadre of over 850 employees by the end of 2015, delivering a monthly capacity of over 40,000 garments.

“Our ability to commence operations on time, and the success of this venture has a lot to do with the enthusiasm and support of the community in Puthukkudiyiruppu. We saw this same kind of commitment to growth and development when we commenced work in Vavuniya, it is the positive attitude of the communities that further encourages us to keep investing in the North, as it is it very rewarding for Hirdaramani to see the difference that we are making in the lives of the people here,” said Ranil Pathirana,speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Hirdaramani Group.

“I can hardly believe that we have this sort of factory in our village. Most of the village people have been struggling with unemployment and poverty, now it’s over. Many of us were not able to complete our education because of the war and as a result it has been difficult to find jobs in the other places. We have been given achance at this factory and this is a golden opportunity for us,”said SellathureiSarojani, SMO.

The opening ceremony of the factory was attended not only by employees, but also their families and many people from the community who see this as an important milestone in the long road to recovery.

“We are really proud to be here, and seeing such a turnout of people to support our new facility is very rewarding for the entire team that has been part of this development,” said Giritharan Shanmugalingam who is stationed in Mullaitivu overseeing operations.

Seeing this dedication and enthusiasm only reinforces our commitment to imparting the Hirdaramani values, knowledge and skills to the people in the community as we achieve the standards of a world class apparel manufacturing facility, added BuddhikaLenagala, General Manager.

The Mullaitivu factory marks the 21st Hirdaramani owned and operated apparel manufacturing facility in the Group’s island wide footprint. The factory has also been built to meet eco-friendly manufacturing standards in keeping with the Hirdaramani Group’s commitment to becoming a greener and more sustainable organisation.

“Before today, we had to travel long distances to find employment and live away from our families, which was always very difficult. With the opening of the factory, there are now opportunities for us close to home and people can start coming back,” said DeepaniSurangika, SMO.

“Hirdaramani is creating opportunities for those of us who lost our husbands, fathers and brothers, not just women but men also have many opportunities within the factory. Whenever we tried to get jobs elsewhere employers asked for our work history and we could not provide one, but at Hirdaramani we are able to find jobs regardless. The factory has a really nice environment and the management is very friendly and supportive. Initially we were afraid to travel alone at night but the company stepped in and ensured we had safe transport to and from work; these are some of the little things that have made this more than just a job, but a place we feel we can really develop,” said P. Sivalogini. 


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