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Future’ leaders of Sri Lanka’s apparel industry are to draft plans on working towards new goals and new targets for 2020 as part of a committee established to take the industry forward.

The apparel industry in Sri Lanka grew over a period of time since its inception post-1977 and now the industry has taken the task of handing over the baton to its future leaders to draft their future course with a new strategic plan.

This plan would be established under the Future Leaders Committee established by the industry as part of a Joint Apparel Association Federation (JAAF) initiative.

JAAF Secretary General Tuly Cooray explaining this new idea said that this new strategic plan that would be established under this new Committee would ensure they concentrate on targets for 2020.

In effect the new generation of business people who would be taking over the industry would be in charge of drawing up the strategic plan as they would be taking over the key positions in the apparel industry, he said.

He pointed out that innovation and design would be key factors in the next decade as the industry was today moving out of the tailoring shop atmosphere and engaging buyers to pick the new designs catered to their demands by the Sri Lankan manufacturers themselves.

In this respect they would be providing increased total solutions as becoming a total solutions provider with the required branding.

A decision on this new committee was taken up about two months back during the JAAF meeting with its members.
Mr. Cooray said since the current strategic plan would end in 2014/2015 the industry would now be looking at establishing new targets for the industry.

The industry is currently looking at the new emerging market like China, Brazil, Japan and Russia to cater to this new segment of buyers.

In addition, the sector would be also focusing on the consistency and speed to the markets with faster delivery times and by reducing all unnecessary interventions and working with the government on the ecommerce, Mr. Cooray explained.

JAAF President Azeem Ismail told the Business Times that they geared towards this new development in a bid to ensure that a new set of individuals needed to take over. “Somebody has to take over this business and the idea is to bring the new people onboard,” Mr. Azeem said.

Apparel manufacturers comprise nearly 90 per cent of the textile/apparel sector in Sri Lanka. They produce a wide range of international branded clothing such as Victoria’s Secret, Liz Claiborne, Pierre Cardin, Nike, Gap, etc.

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